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Short form doc

Episode 2

The pharaohs were buried with their wealth. When the time comes you can bury Todd Sanders in Austin, but forget the gold, just give him his neon. Death is certainly on his mind, but he’s accepted it. He’s in the fourth quarter, the victory lap, and he cares about what he leaves behind. Not because his name needs to live on in glowing neon glory, but because he believes in leaving art in this world. Something that says “I was here.”



Our short-form Sanctuary Sessions are portraits of artists and their craft. 

Sanctuaries are places of sublimity where hearts are impassioned and hands are raised. Like a legendary classic car creator in his garage. Or a one of a kind neon artist in his workshop. There are no stained-glass windows, but there is glowing glass bent by fire. No soaring spires, but there is chrome glistening in the sun. No preachers, but they might be priests.

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