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writer | Director 



Caleb and Sawyer met in junior high when they were just two burgeoning, brace-faced, khaki-clad, creative geniuses. It’s tempting to say that’s where it all began, in the distinguished halls of that great academic establishment, but for now their partnership could wait.


Caleb came to video production late, pinballing through career interests in college, until discovering film production in the inevitable way that says, “Was there ever anything else?” Intuition doesn’t always know the direction to take, but it knows the right direction when it's found.  


Sawyer came to video production early, charting a path through Baylor’s film production program, until discovering the gift of flight. Machine flight that is, via drones (though he’s still working on the right cape to come along). Sawyer is a licensed pilot with a gifted eye - on the ground or in the sky. 


Sawyer and Caleb had much in common upon graduating college, but didn’t know it. Thankfully one of the things they did have in common was a veteran marketing director named David Vinyard. Dave knew the two since they were boys in junior high and kept up with them

over the years. Not long before he passed away after a bare-knuckled battle with cancer, he decided to give the two young freelancers

a call. A few weeks later, Caleb and Sawyer found themselves in a coffee shop talking about their friend Dave, movies and junior high.


MR. PRODUCTIONS was yet to form. For two years Sawyer and Caleb hired each other out, trading places being boss and somehow it worked. Month after month, shoot after shoot, Caleb and Sawyer delivered excellent creative content for their respective clients and through it all they discussed forming a partnership, but nothing ever materialized. 


And then, in the way these things go, a moment of clarity


Driven by reasoned intuition the two decided, in the words of Stephen King, “that it was time to stop goofing around with a pick and shovel… and dig something big out of the sand…” They’re still Caleb and Sawyer but Mr. McKnight and Mr. Richburg decided it was time, and MR. PRODUCTIONS was started.  


MR. Productions is a creative video production company in Austin, Texas. We work with brands and agencies to produce high quality narrative and commercial content for the web and TV.

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