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White Construction Company

Docu-style Brand Story

Talk to anyone from White Construction Company for long and you will hear several themes emerge. Classic themes like integrity and excellence are paired side by side with family and “doin’ the right thing.” But spend time with the men and women out on site and one theme dominates the rest: building a legacy. 


White Construction Company brought us on to produce a video capturing the complexity, enormity, and significance of the capitol master plan. We interviewed key team members from the agencies involved, and drew out what sets this project and White Construction Company apart. We looked for striking visuals, like the sun rising over a new day of work and the capitol building looming large. We considered the details in post production, causing each element to find cohesion in the architecture of the whole. In sum, we tell the story of this phase in the Capitol Complex Master Plan. 


The men and women on site for White construction, the people wearing Timberlands and Justin’s, hardhats and safety glasses, sitting in meeting after meeting, laughing over beers and enchiladas are in the crazy world of construction because every once in a while a job comes along that makes them proud to stand at ground level, point up and say to their families, “I was on the team that built this.” The Capitol Complex Master plan executed by the Texas Facilities Commission, is exactly that project - a massive overhaul of the capitol grounds, and for everyone involved, “the project of a lifetime.” 


When they’re finished, the Texas capitol in the heart of Austin will be a landmark unmatched by any state capitol grounds in the country. For a state and a city that needs no introduction, it will stand as a testament to the spirit of the Lone Star State. A legacy.

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