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White Construction Company

Docu-style Brand Story

White Construction has built many large and impressive buildings. Impressive in scale, significance, and difficulty. But their projects at Westminster have always been more. 


Westminster is a retirement community in central Austin and White Construction was tasked with renovating what existed and building something new, all while Westminster stayed open. Plans were made years in advance, and finally, all systems were a go to begin.


And right at the beginning of construction, the whole world stopped, unsure of the next step because of COVID-19. White Construction forged ahead, but for the residents inside Westminster, life could be lonely. COVID protocols kept them cooped up in their rooms, and all social events were shut down. 


One day, a Westminster employee had the idea to bring residents to the window overlooking the construction site just outside. What happened next is the most wholesome story you’ve heard in a while. 

White Construction hired us to produce a video telling the story of the Westminster project. Home Building is about the care of White Construction to go beyond their responsibilities and show the residents friendly kindness. White Construction demonstrated through their actions an understanding they took to heart – Westminster is a home.

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