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Fletcher Law

TV Commercial

No matter where you’re from, somehow, they’re always the same. It’s somebody standing on an 18-wheeler big rig yelling at the camera like he needs to be heard over the engine. Or it’s a suit crossing his arms and mean-mugging the camera - this guy won a bazillion dollars for his client! And then there’s a phone number rattled off seventeen times in as many seconds like that’s what you’re going to do when wrongfully injured; call the head with the big mouth. 


Thankfully, when Steve at Patrick Marketing in New York reached out to us, he laid that familiar sight to bed. His client, new Austin attorney, Gage Fletcher, was as far from that guy as a personal injury attorney could be, and Steve wanted a new series of TV spots to sincerely reflect who Gage is. 


We set out to produce pristine and modern commercials while never straying from who Gage is and the agency’s vision for their client. In the end, both the client and the agency were immensely pleased with the final product. With Patrick Marketing, we decidedly pushed what commercials like these look and sound like to achieve something distinct in the marketplace. Take a look.

Agency: Steve Patrick Marketing

Director/Producer: Caleb McKnight

DP/Producer: Sawyer Richburg

Sound: Corey McMinn

Cam Op: Zack Kearns

HMU: Kristi Drake

Model: Lexi Lily

Post-Production Sound Design: Stuck On On

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