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Corvette Spec

cinematic brand ad

The Corvette is an indelible symbol of American muscle and freedom. This was the impetus behind the concept. Sometimes the city caged commercial ladder climber needs a breath of fresh air - a little taste of freedom. After pulling another all-nighter where does the Designer go? With that sunrise, and 500 horses straining the reins in her hands, she doesn’t know. Nor does she need to.  


Abel Design Group - Austin graciously allowed production to use their downtown office and Cecil Atkission Motors generously lent us the machine talent. Ari Morales was the cinematographer assisted by Mike Ozmun and David Casteñeda. Collin Hipps was the driver and starring as The Designer, was Jennifer Johnston. 


Sawyer was the aerial cinematographer and Caleb kept the show moving. Diligent location scouting elevated the production value and the team captured the gorgeous geographic variety of the greater Austin area. Green hills. Lakeside cliffs. Wide open plains. 


Take a look and next time you’re working alone in your office late at night, Corvette or no Corvette, take a drive.

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