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Consensus 2023 

Event Video

Circle is a financial company in the cryptocurrency industry known for being the manager of USDC, the digital stablecoin connected to the American dollar on a 1:1 ratio. They had a large presence in the 2023 Consensus Conference at the Austin Convention Center and hired us to feature their influence and value add. 


Throughout Consensus, our crew delivered daily videos featuring Circle’s presence at the conference in bite-sized moments. By the end of the last day, we produced an energetic recap video informing the audience of Circle’s value props. It was a social media marketing blitz, and it all pointed to Circle’s ambitious global mission.


Event videos are a perfect opportunity to advertise your brand in a quick, high-energy, and visual environment. We’re nimble and mobile, eager to deliver stellar quality for our clients in environments with little room for error or indecision.

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