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Short form doc

Episode 1

Charlie is a craftsman chasing the past at a hundred miles an hour. Anyone who has lost a lover knows you can’t recreate the past, but, using fire and metal and paint, Charlie can. It’s his obsession to make a car look like it came from the golden era of classic cars, the 1950s. And just like his metal machines he is running out of time.




Our short-form Sanctuary Sessions are portraits of artists and their craft. 

Sanctuaries are places of sublimity where hearts are impassioned and hands are raised. Like a legendary classic car creator in his garage. Or a one of a kind neon artist in his workshop. There are no stained-glass windows, but there is glowing glass bent by fire. No soaring spires, but there is chrome glistening in the sun. No preachers, but they might be priests.

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