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BIG SWIG cocktail video

Brand Explainer

Oh, my heavens. It’s Big Swig. 


You may have seen their displays at your local HEB. Bold colors and audacious flavors (Chile Mango, Prickly Pear, Jalapeno Pineapple) signaled the arrival of a Texas style Texan sparkling water made for Texans. Like any beverage brand that hopes to be successful in Austin, the flavors came ready made for quirky cocktails with personality as funky as Austin itself. 


Intended for social media, Sawyer came up with the concept for the deceitfully pleasing how-to cocktail video and Caleb voiced the ad himself. Inspired by Big Swig’s dynamic branding, Caleb and Sawyer worked to capture Big Swig’s quirky identity while adding their own personality to the humor and visuals. 


Life got you stretched thin? The weekend’s around the corner. Check out Big Swig’s website for more cocktail recipes, or toss together your own Paloma Anderson with us at MR. PRODUCTIONS. Cheers to you, friends.

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