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Blake Fulenwider 

Brand Explainer

Mr. Fulenwider looks for team members who have a chip on their shoulder. Something to prove. He believes in the people other employers overlooked. If a man or woman has character, integrity, and work ethic, Blake Fulenwider will hire that person without regard for formal education or experience. 


And it shows. Team members at Blake Fulenwider consistently stick around for years. Along with his GMs, Blake has built a car dealership group at which people want to work.


However, finding talent and sparking interest is not easy, which is why the marketing team at Blake Fulenwider came to us. We delivered a compelling, genuine, and entertaining recruitment video targeting potential employees of various backgrounds and career interests. We created a marketing tool that is polished, cinematic, and professional yet intimate and real. It feels like a sincere conversation. 


Creative video marketing is not always about selling a product or service. Recruitment is an integral part of every company’s growth and longevity. If you’re looking for ways to bring talented and committed people to your company, give job seekers a vision they want to be part of using video content that's real.


Writer/Director: Caleb McKnight

DP/Director: Sawyer Richburg

Sound: Corey McMinn

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