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Austin Food Truck Tour

Web Series

Gage Fletcher is a new attorney in Austin, Texas. In 2022 his marketing agency asked us to produce a series of TV commercials announcing his presence in Austin. The commercials were a success, and Gage loved working with us, so when he had a new idea, to MR. he came. It was an unorthodox indirect marketing idea; a food truck web series in which he visited Austin food trucks to “meet the team behind the truck.” It was a win-win as it advertised the trucks, and introduced Gage to a wide audience by placing him in front of the faithful social media following many of Austin’s beloved trucks have amassed. 


The series is ongoing, and we’re having a lot of fun. Here we’ve collected some of our favorite episodes. See a food truck you recognize? Join Gage as he learns about their history and process for delivering a memorable food experience to every guest.  


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