Art Biz For Rebels

Jodie King is not a ho-hum humdrum artist who can’t make mula. She’s a verbal flame throwin’ literal paint flickin’ lady boss impassioned to teach artists how to make their calling their profession and she has a class to do it. Jodie hired us to produce a masterclass style trailer for her Art Biz for Rebels course to share with her devoted following. 


Our shoot with Jodie came together at the last minute, but the moment we set foot in her studio an easy connection was made. After shooting for a few hours, Jodie remarked, “Y’all take your work incredibly seriously, but you don’t take yourselves too seriously.” And that sums it up - we wanted Jodie to be comfortable in her own skin so we led the way by being comfortable in ours. A very important aspect of production was to capture as much of Jodie’s personality as we could, so we turned up the radio, literally. Did we dance? Perhaps. Did we clink our Shiner Bock to Jodie’s pinot grigio? Cheers. Anything to get the shot.  


And if you’re thinking about selling that emo art piece you painted in 8th grade that’s sitting in your parent’s attic behind the trombone case with a peeling Evil Dead sticker - watch the trailer first. You might have something.