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Solana Ladies Hackerhouse

Brand Explainer

Circle is a financial company in the cryptocurrency industry known for being the manager of USDC, the digital stablecoin connected to the American dollar on a 1:1 ratio. They co-hosted the Solana Ladies Hacker House, a five-day event for women in Web3 to connect, build, and share. The Ladies Hacker House was a unique event in the cryptocurrency industry, and Circle hired us to recap the event and feature their presence as part of it. 


We approach every project with the same determination to outdo ourselves and deliver stellar quality for our clients. Event highlight videos are another opportunity to take seriously our cinematic visual style and deliver a piece of marketing content that’s elevated and entertaining. 


In each interview, we asked the women what they would say to a young woman considering Web3 for career opportunities. This seemed to us the perfect place to start and end.

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