What’s the story?  

Our first step together is figuring out the central idea for your video. What story are we helping you tell? We’ll talk about the purpose of your video, the intended audience, and the medium. In this phase we’ll storyboard, write your script, and help create questions for on camera interviews. 


What’s the plan

After we know what your project is about, we can plan the details of production. With your input, and guidance from knowing our story, we’ll decide where to film, how many days to film, and our crew needs. 



Where’s the shot

This phase is called production. We will execute the vision according to plan, but leave room for spontaneity and flexibility should things be different on the ground. Production is a race against time and most like playing the game after practicing. 



What to cut

Post production is a matter of what to keep and what to cut from our shoot. It’s here that your video goes from being a concept with varying puzzle pieces, to a real life story.